The new salt water pool care from the expert

Pool owners using salt to treat their swimming pool water have taken the concious decision to use a natural product. Salt is a natural component of the Earth and we cannot imagine a life without it. Salt is generally known as a spice and meals and food are rarely prepared without it. The fact that salt can be used to disinfect water, however, is new to many pool owners.


The disinfection method based on salt is called salt electrolysis. Firstly salt is added directly into the pool water in a low concentration. By means of a mechanism already intregrated in the circulation system of the pool, the salt will be transformed into a disinfectant. The disinfectant is therefore being produced directly in the pool, making it unneccesary to apply disinfection products manually. This safes a great deal of time as well the effort and hassle of handling other disinfectants, and provides hygienically clean and crystal clear water at all times.


Naturally Salt by BAYROL is a unique and concerted concept for salt water pool care: based on the decades-long experience in the field of pool water treatment, BAYROL has developed a range of salt electrolyser devices that perfectly meet all requirements of this particular water care method

Please find here a leaflet about BAYROL salt electrolysis



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