Salt electrolysis by Bayrol

The new range of devices for salt electrolysis are simple to operate, multifunctional and come in a chic design particular to BAYROL. Naturally Salt by BAYROL salt systems carry out an automatic and continuous desinfection of your pool water.


Salt Relax


The functional unit for pools with a water volume of up to 70 m³. 


 The Salt Relax requires the low salt concentration of 3,3 g/L for a reliable disinfection of your pool water. Due to the intuitive menu structure of the control unit, the chlorine production can easily be adapted to the specific requirements of your pool. If neeeded (for instance in case of water turbidity), the boost function of the Salt Relax temporarily increases the production of chlorine to overcome the problem. The electrolysis cell offers a self-cleaning mechanism and therefore provides a constant and efficient chlorine production at all times. 

The Salt Relax stands for pure bathing pleasure with the lowest possible effort. 


  • reliable disinfection of your pool water
  • simple and intuitive operation via functional keys
  • self-cleaning electrolysis cell
  • "Boost"-function to temporarily increase the chlorine value


Salt Relax PRO


The innovative premium unit offers additional functions and optional extensions for a reliable salt water pool care.

The efficiency factor of the Salt Relax PRO has been optimised, allowing the unit to ensure a perfect water disinfection with only 1,5 g/L of salt concentration. The standard configuration offers a number of functions already, for instance the control of the filter pump or the pool lighting. The integrated temperature measurement makes it possible to connect and operate a pool heating.


A pH as well as a Redox module are optionally available. Whereas the ph module takes care of an automatic adjustment of the ph value, the Redox module allows a precise availability of the disinfectant by using the Redox value as a parameter.


The Salt Relax PRO guarantees a perfect water quality with an 
even lower salt concentration in the pool water. 


    • requires a very low salt concentration of only 1,5 g/L
    • simple and intuitive operation via functional keys with an extended menu structure
    • integrated temperature measurement for the connection of a pool heating
    • operation of the filter pump and other functions
    • automatic reduction of the chlorine production when the pool cover is closed
    • self-cleaning electrolysis cell
    • "Boost"-function to temporarilyincrease the chlorine value
    • for pools up to 70 m3


    • pH module
    • Redox module
    • Wifi module


    Please find here a leaflet about BAYROL salt electrolysis



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