The new salt water pool care from the expert 

Naturally Salt by BAYROL is a new and concerted concept for salt water pools. The product line has been developed to cater for the specific needs of pools containing salt water. It comprises everything necessary to maintain a hygienically clean and crystal clear pool water, and to also protect your equipment.


How does salt electrolysis work?


The system consists of a control unit and an electrolysis cell. Salt will be added in a concentration of approx. 3 g/L directly into the pool water. For comparison: the salt concentration of sea water is approx. 10 times higher. The electrolysis cell that is integrated in the water circulation pipework transforms the dissolved salt into active chlorine by means of the electrolysis method. The active chlorine then destroys bacteria and other micro organisms, thus carrying out a reliable water disinfection. A part of the chlorine not used up will reconvert into salt after a certain period of time. It remains in the circulation system and can once again be transformed into chlorine.


Pool water treated with the salt electrolysis method has a soft feel, is gentle to the skin and does not cause eye irritations. Thanks to the very low concentration required the water remains tasteless, but is still sufficient to maintain clean and crystal clear water.



The NATURALLY SALT range stands fore : 

  • a simple and reliable water care without effort and hassle
  • an environmentally friendly concept
  • allowing you more time to enjoy your pool carefree
  • a long term protection of your equipment and therefore your investment

Please find here a leaflet about BAYROL salt electrolysis



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